Hello from the Conrad Maldives!!

If you’re not caught up on the full trip itinerary check out this link first!

I’m going to keep this pretty short since I am trying to vacation and all, but I wanted to pop in and say hello. I arrived at the Conrad Maldives yesterday after a not so glamorous night at the Colombo airside transit hotel, and WOW, it really is all that it is hyped up to be!

The seaplane ride was just long enough to gawk at the beautiful views:

Conrad Maldives Seaplane Ride Views (2)

Conrad Maldives Seaplane Ride Views

The welcome was warm and inviting right off the bat:

Conrad Maldives Welcome

We immediately grabbed lunch at Mandhoo and saw the feeding for some great shark viewing:

Our room (the standard beach villa) is gorgeous. Although I’m not much of a fan of the outdoor shower to be honest:

And for just a couple more pictures:

Conrad Maldives Vilu Restaurant Conrad Maldives Mandhoo Restaurant view

Conrad Maldives Sunset Grill view

Obviously full reviews of everything to come, including the over-water villa we’ll be moving to in a few days.

Frankly, when thinking of the Maldives I wasn’t sure I would “get it”. I’ve been to beautiful beaches before but as I type this listening to small waves lap at the beach, with a direct view of the water from the patio, it truly does feel incredibly special.

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Thanks to Ben as well for keeping up with some regular posting!

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One thought on “Hello from the Conrad Maldives!!

  1. Wow Liz, I really enjoyed your photos! They are very different than those I usually see, good eye! I appreciate your candor and enjoy your perspective. I’ve never really considered the Maldives myself, but now I intend to read your full review and give it some thought.

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    Donald McCullough

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