Southwest Flight Attendant Saved The Day

While Liz and her husband are headed to the Maldives in style, my family is here enjoying the 100+ degree Phoenix temps. Oh, and a massive roof leak that requires the whole thing to be replaced. This on the heels of our air conditioning outage a few weeks ago. It’s been quite the Summer. Anyway, how about a feel-good story to brighten up the weekend? I came across this cool story about how a Southwest flight attendant saved the day for a family overseas. That should do the trick.

Background: Documentation Issues

The story begins with the O’Donoghue’s, a family of six from Baltimore traveling to the Dominican Republic on vacation. The mother, Fanya and all four children are American citizens. The father is an Irish citizen with a valid green card. When their vacation came to an end, the family ran into a problem attempting to board the flight home. Mr. O’Donoghue had accidentally packed his expired green card, not his updated one. As you can imagine with a family of six, chaos ensued.

The children, too young to understand what was going on, were very upset. The father was denied boarding the flight home. Additionally, his only option was to wait until the embassy opened a few days later in Santa Domingo, two and a half hours away.

Courtesy Airways Mag

Southwest To The Rescue

Sensing what a stressful situation this was for the mother (Fanya), a very thoughtful Southwest flight attendant named Yolette stepped in to help the family out. While holding one of the children so Fanya could use the restroom, Yolette asked how she could help out. It turns out Yolette had to be back in the Domincan Republic the next day. She offered to serve as a courier to bring Mr. O’Donoghue’s green card to him.

Yolette’s kind gesture not only got Mr. Odonoghue home early, but also saved him from having to make a trek to Santa Domingo and deal with getting a new green card.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately only the sensational stories about passengers dragged off planes get heavy news coverage these days. I’d bet that for every one of those, there’s 100 Yolette’s out there that go above and beyond to help travelers out. Furthermore, in my experience I’ve found Southwest employees to be friendlier than most. Kudos to the Yolette for helping out this family in need.

(H/T WBAL11)

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