Ink Plus To Preferred: Product Change Success

Last year Chase refreshed their business card lineup with the new Chase Ink Preferred. The new card replaced the Chase Ink Plus which my business partner and I carry. When the Ink Preferred launched, I sent a message to Chase asking if I could change from Ink Plus to Preferred. Unfortunately, my request was denied. Chase explained that I’d have to apply separately for the new Preferred card. Not one to take no for an answer, I decided to try again yesterday, this time by placing a call to Chase customer support.

Background Earnings: Ink Plus vs Ink Preferred

Both cards have a different earnings structure:

Ink Plus:

  • 5X Points at office supply stores, phone, internet, and cable services
  • 2X Points at gas stations and hotels (when purchased directly)
  • 1X Points everything else

Ink Preferred:

  • 3X Points on travel, shipping, internet, cable and phone services, and social media/search advertising
  • 1X Points on everything else
  • 25% Points bonus when redeeming for travel within the Ultimate Rewards portal

Chase Ink Plus

Success: Ink Plus to Preferred Product Change

Since most of my family, friends, and colleagues aren’t aware of my points and miles hobby, we just stick the that one card for the business purchases. Unfortunately, the lions share of our purchases are either non-bonus spend, or travel. As a result, the new Ink Preferred would serve us much better than the Ink Plus.

Well, after a brief hold yesterday I was able to chat with a very polite representative at Chase. I explained the situation, and to my surprise, he gave me two options. I could apply for the new Preferred card and earn a 80,000 point bonus, or I could simply convert my Ink Plus to the new Ink Preferred. This was great news! I didn’t want to apply for any new cards since the Preferred is subject to Chase’s 5/24 rule. Plus I’m scared to apply for any new cards right now anyway. Furthermore, I have a business partner, so why burn a credit card app when I’d have to share the points? Anyway, after a few minutes the Chase rep converted my account and explained that new cards would be in the mail this week. Our account numbers would stay the same, but the expiration dates on the cards would be changing.

Bottom Line

I think this is a smart move by Chase to allow existing customers to switch from Ink Plus to Preferred. The whole purpose of the 5/24 rule is to cut down on churning. Why encourage cardholders to earn additional sign up bonuses if they’re willing to switch without one?

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