IHG Bonus Points Upgrade – Pay for 1,000 Points per Night

I have a very glamorous trip coming up at a Holiday Inn in the DC area for work. Even though Hilton is typically my chain when looking to get the most points, a Holiday Inn made the most sense for this trip. When booking my room I was presented with an option to pay for an extra 1,000 points per night. The IHG bonus points upgrade option isn’t unusual as many rewards programs offer something similar. What is unusual is it may actually be a good value.

IHG Bonus Points Upgrade Option – Pay for 1,000 points per night

After putting my reservation and hold and clicking through the many screens to try and confirm the reservation I was faced with the buy up offer for 1,000 extra points per night for $4.70.

IHG Bonus Points Upgrade - 1,000 points for $4.67
IHG Bonus Points Upgrade – 1,000 points for $4.70

When considering this offer you must determine how much you believe IHG points are worth. Most points and miles bloggers value IHG points between 0.5 and 0.8 cents each. I personally just got 1.3 cents per IHG point on my latest booking but typically also value IHG points at 0.7 cents each.

With this offer you are essentially buying IHG points for .47 cents each! This is a deal you should definitely consider taking advantage of if you think you’ll ever be using IHG points.

Plenty of other programs offer the option upon booking to get extra miles, such as the AAdvantage Mileage Multiplier program. These options are typically a bad deal and should not be taken advantage of. This IHG offer is definitely unique in that not only is it offering points for less than publicly available to purchase, but also for less than the standard evaluation by almost every points and miles blogger.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately I couldn’t quite get over the moral issue of charging my client more to get myself 1,000 IHG points, no matter how small the amount. If I was paying on my own I would 100% take advantage of this deal however.

Often with these sort of deals you disregard the option immediately, since you assume it’s a bad one. But definitely pay attention the next time you book an IHG room!

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