How to Combine Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

In an ideal world we would always have enough points to get to where we want to go. In my world, however, I burn through points pretty fast and can often come up short. Luckily you are able to share and combine Chase Ultimate Rewards points with household members very easily. Combining Chase Ultimate Rewards points is beneficial especially when perhaps the husband already has a sizable balance of miles with a transfer partner but the wife has the Ultimate Rewards stash.

How to combine Chase Ultimate Rewards points with a household member

The steps here are pretty straightforward, you just need to know where to click. Transfers are virtually instant.

Step 1: Start by selecting the drop down that shows your number of points in the upper right hand corner. This will be in the Ultimate Rewards section of the Chase website. Once there just simply put in the credit card number and last name of the household member.

Combine Chase Ultimate Rewards PointsStep 2: Confirm how many points you would like to move.

Step 3: Confirm the details are correct and instantly transfer.

What to watch out for when transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points

Combining points is simple but note that Chase will do reviews if they suspect fraudulent activity. Per the Chase website note the following:

You can move your points, but only to another Chase card with Ultimate Rewards belonging to you, or one member of your household. If we suspect that you’ve engaged in fraudulent activity related to your credit card account or Ultimate Rewards, or that you’ve misused Ultimate Rewards in any way (for example by buying or selling points, moving or transferring points with or to an ineligible third party or account, or repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards) we may temporarily prohibit you from earning points or using points you’ve already earned. If we believe you’ve engaged in any of these acts, we’ll close your credit card account and you’ll lose all your points.

If you are moving points legitimately there is nothing to worry about though! Just do be careful as Chase’s internal controls for preventing fraudulent transfers can be sophisticated. I personally value Ultimate Rewards points so highly this is not something I would risk.

Bottom Line

Transferring Chase points to your spouse or another household member is super simple and instant. Don’t forget about this feature when booking your next big trip or even just when using points to pay for a tour around a city.

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