Sun Basket Amex Offer: Spend $70+ for 3,000 Membership Rewards Points

An excellent Sun Basket Amex Offer for this weekend! Sun Basket is a meal delivery service similar to Blue Apron where you are sent the exact amount of ingredients in a box to prepare new to you recipes (link gives you $35 off your first delivery and $25 off my next delivery) . I’m a big fan of these services since I love to cook new to me ingredients. So imagine how thrilled I was to see a Sun Basket Amex Offer for spending $70+ for 3,000 Membership Rewards points.

If you’re not familiar with AmEx Offers these are very lucrative offers that come with the majority of American Express cards for either money savings or bonus American Express points. For a complete guide to AmEx Offers I would suggest checking out Frequent Miler’s excellent guide for how to maximize the offers.

How to use AmEx Offers

For the simple explanation however, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your American Express account
  2. Scroll below your recent activity to see your AmEx Offers
  3. If you would like to add the offer to more than one card make sure to open the other card in a new tab before adding that particular offer
  4. Read the terms & conditions and use!

Sun Basket Amex Offer

This offer is targeted! My husband had it on his authorized user account for our Amex Everyday Preferred while we didn’t have it anywhere else. 3,000 Membership Rewards points are worth $50-$60 depending on your valuation of Amex points meaning if you’re just going to make and eat the meals you’ll come out ahead. Per usual make sure to pay attention to the terms before purchasing!

If you haven’t used Sun Basket before please feel free to use my referral code! You will get $35 off your first order and I will get $25 off my next order. 

Sunbasket Amex Offer
Sunbasket Amex Offer

Bottom Line

This Sun Basket Amex Offer is a no brainer to take advantage of if you cook. I actually haven’t tried Sun Basket before (but have tried Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.) so I’m interested to see whether Sun Basket’s claims of fresher organic ingredients and better sourcing really is visible.

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