Redeem Membership Rewards for Airbnb and Uber Gift Cards

A few months back we wrote about how to redeem Ultimate Rewards for Airbnb and Uber gift cards. As the sharing economy continues to grow, more and more people are asking about using points for Airbnb and Uber. After doing a little digging, I found that American Express also allows customers to redeem Membership Rewards for Airbnb and Uber gift cards. Let’s dive in to see if this is a worthy use of points.

American Express Membership Rewards Airbnb and Uber Details

Unfortunately, much like Chase’s option, American Express isn’t doing you any favors with this offering. In fact, it’s almost highway robbery. Remember, Membership Rewards points are easily worth 1.7 cents each. Here’s a quick look at how much Airbnb & Uber credit you can purchase with your hard earned Membership Rewards:

  • $25 = 3,571 points
  • $50 = 7,143 points
  • $100 = 14,286 points
  • $200 = 28,571 points

Uber American Express Membership Rewards

As you can see, American Express is requiring you to sell you Membership Rewards for .7 cents each, far below their value. Furthermore, there’s isn’t any sort of bonus for spending more. At least Chase allows you to sell Ultimate Rewards for a cent each, even though that’s not great either.

Well, What’s a Better Option For Membership Rewards?

You might be thinking, if the Airbnb and Uber options suck, how else should I use my Membership Rewards? Glad you asked. Look no further than our American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Guide. We put together a comprehensive list of the best (and worst) transfer partners in the Membership Rewards network. Trust me, you’ll get way more out of your points than you would with the crummy gift card redemption.

Bottom Line

Credit card companies want you to burn your points on gift cards. Don’t fall for the trap. I’d like to see American Express and others create better incentives to spend points with Uber and Airbnb. For example, change the redemption rate to 1.5 cents per dollar, and it would be reasonable. In the meantime, nothing to see here.

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