Looking for Delta Amex Referral Link! Share yours!

Hi there readers! As you know we’re always looking to make sure everyone can maximize the amount of points they earn. For instance, I have written before asking for a Plastiq referral code. Earlier this week Ben explained how to generate AmEx referral links, shared his SPG link, and invited readers to share their own. That reminded me I’m about to pick up a Delta AmEx or two so would be happy to use a readers Delta AmEx referral link when I sign up.

Delta is currently offering all time high sign-up bonuses on their Gold and Platinum cards of 60,000 and 70,000 miles respectively. Of course, SkyMiles are getting less valuable but I’m still confident I can get a great value from these cards.

Update: I am now the proud owner of a Delta Platinum Amex and used a readers referral code. If you would like to use my Delta Amex referral link for 70,000 miles until July 26th click here: http://refer.amex.us/ELIZAMCM5o

Delta Amex Referral

Delta AmEx Referral Link

If you have any interest in me using your Delta American Express referral link I really don’t make it complicated. To find your link though, simply:

  1. Go to the particular card
  2. Select “Benefits” from the menu bar
  3. Select “Refer Now” from the referral offer
  4. Scroll to the bottom to find your personalized link
How to find Amex Referral Links
How to find Amex Referral Links on my Everyday Preferred

In addition note the following when posting your link:

  • Please do not double post
  • Try and make sure it’s the same as the best publicly available offer

Other Referral Links

If you have interest in picking up the below feel free to always use our referral links as well!

I will be selecting the links over the weekend, thanks for sharing!

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6 thoughts on “Looking for Delta Amex Referral Link! Share yours!

    1. Well looks like we have a lot less readers with Delta Amex’s than Plastiq accounts! I’ll use yours to sign up this weekend!

  1. If you are looking
    for a referral for the Delta Gold Amex card with 60,000 mile bonus, $0 annual
    fee for the first year, copy and paste the following into your url bar:


    This will open up a
    link directly to the American Express site. Or if you prefer, you can always
    email me at: tburgs808 [at] gmail dot com.

    Referral good until
    July 26!

    Good luck,


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