CNN’s New Travel Website Launches

It’s no secret that travel is hot right now. Millennials searching for new experiences plus a strong economy has fueled record travel over the past few years. Eager to take advantage, CNN launched a new travel vertical ( We jumped over to take a look at whether CNN’s new travel website was worth a stop for points and miles enthusiasts like ourselves.

CNN Travel First Impressions

Upon first look, the new website reminded me a lot of Travel & Leisure. I found an image heavy site focusing on experiences and travel rankings. Here’s a snippet from the “Food & Drink” section:

CNN's New Travel Website

Here’s another snippet from the “Play” section:

CNN's New Travel Website

It appears that CNN is leveraging the success of “Parts Unknown” starring Anthony Bourdain, which is one of our favorite shows. In fact, there’s a large promotion for the show at the bottom of the website.

The website also features a section named “Highlight Destinations” which is a list of cities that is covered in depth. For example, in London you’ll find articles about local hotels that have taken up beekeeping, or what it’s like to drink the world’s first virtual cocktail. You can tell CNN is not focusing on the typical tourists spots, instead trying to entice readers with interesting new ideas. As Executive Editor Brekke Fletcher noted:

At CNN Travel, we’re not interested in being cool to be cool. We don’t want to tell you what to do. We do want to talk with you. We want to move you. To make you move. So get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Bottom Line

CNN has hired a staggering 10 (!!) staffers to build out this new website. Furthermore, CNN plans to triple this number within a year. All the staff and not a single mention of the miles and points game? What gives CNN? Anyway, the new site is pretty spiffy and I might drop in from time to time. I don’t think it will help me travel any better, but CNN Travel might provide some inspiration for our next trip.

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