Various Points Bonuses Heading My Way

There are a few simple ways to earn miles without taking up too much of your time. We cover a few on our basics page but I wanted to provide a real life example of points bonuses from the last couple months. These equal about 70,000 points or miles heading my (or my husbands) way. This is WITHOUT:

  1. Credit card signup bonuses
  2. Any points from putting spend on my credit cards such as 3x points on the Chase Sapphire Reserve for dining and travel
  3. Paid flights or hotel stays
  4. Any rewards from Yelp Cash Back, Dining Rewards, or Amazon
Earn 50,000 AAdvantage Miles with Directv – one example of a great promo

Recent Points Bonuses

I’m writing this as an example to show how paying attention to promos here can add up! You may not be targeted for all of these offers, or they may not make sense for you, but hopefully this shows how flying and hotel stays are not typically the best way to earn points anymore.

Again, not all of these points have posted, but some have and the rest should be on their way soon.

Amex Offers – always a GREAT way to earn points

Bottom Line

This is an example skewed by the DirecTV promo but I’m a big fan of promoting the low hanging fruit in the points and miles world. The best part about all of these promos (except arguably the flowers from the AAdvantage promo) is that they were everyday purchases I would have made anyways!

There were tons more ways I could have earned points during this time frame but I personally don’t like earning points to consume my life so try to do it in moderation. And of course, remember that here at Points, Miles, and More we do our best to always recap promos in their own post or our travel roundup of stories on weekdays if they have already been extensively covered.

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