United MileagePlus X App: Up to 10 miles per $1

United is out with a new deal to earn up to 10 miles per $1 spent with the United MileagePlus X app.  United is offering this deal through Father’s Day, Sunday June 18th (buy your gifts, people!). For a basic overview the United MileagePlus X app basically allows you to purchase a gift card to use at a wide range of merchants, and earn bonus miles on those purchases.

Below I will cover the deal, the list of merchants, as well as helping to determine whether this promo is right for you.

United MileagePlus X App Father's Day Bonus
United MileagePlus X App Father’s Day Bonus

United MileagePlus X App Bonus

This bonus of course doesn’t include every merchant but does include quite a few. To find the merchants on special do the following:

Navigate to merchants on promo by selecting “Catalog”. Then select “Father’s Day Promotion” from the Catalog list.
United MileagePlus X App Father's Day Bonus - List of merchants
List of merchants for promo through June 18th

Here are the merchants offering 10x miles on each $1 spent:

  • Banana Republic
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Claim Jumper
  • Dave and Buster’s
  • Domino’s
  • Gap
  • All Landrys restaurants (find those in your area here)
  • McCormick & Schmick’s
  • Morton’s Steakhouse
  • Nike
  • Old Navy

In addition a few other merchants have increased bonuses:

  • Buffalo Wild Wing’s – 8x per $1
  • Chili’s – 8x per $1
  • Sears – 6x per $1

Google Play and Lowe’s are also offering 2x per $1 spent but I personally wouldn’t take advantage of that rate and would rather simply make those purchases with a Business Blue Plus for 2x points or Amex Everyday Preferred card for 1.5x points.  That way I then have a transferable points currency vs. my points being stuck in United. However, those merchants may be useful for you to top off a United account – especially if you have a large home related purchase to make.

Is this a good deal?

That depends on you of course. If you already have a healthy United balance and know you will use miles eventually, then absolutely. If you have a low mileage balance (like I do) it takes a little more thought since you don’t want to leave miles stranded in a program.

You also want to determine how much United miles are worth to you in relation to what rewards you can get by paying with a credit card. For instance, you can get 3x points on dining with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Based on your mileage balances you may decide you really don’t need an extra 1,000 United miles you may never use on a restaurant gift card and instead would just like the 300 Ultimate Rewards points to give you more flexibility for a $100 restaurant purchase.

There are also some more advanced tactics you can use as outlined by the Frequent Miler to stack deals for up to 19.5x miles and 40% off at Gap! If you feel like putting in just a little bit more work this is an excellent option!

Bottom Line

Even though I have a low mileage balance right now I plan to take advantage of this deal. I eat Domino’s too often so picking up a gift card for 10x miles is a no brainer for me. I also realized my favorite steakhouse is now a Landrys restaurant (it used to be independent) so I will certainly pick up a gift card to there for my next special occasion dinner out.

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