Raymour & Flanigan: 11,500 Membership Rewards Points Amex Offer!!

Right now you may be able to get 11,500 Membership Rewards points for spending $750+ with a Raymour & Flanigan Amex Offer! If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers these are very lucrative offers that come with the majority of American Express cards for either money savings or bonus American Express points. I routinely like to highlight the best offers such as here and here and getting 11,500 MR points is definitely a good offer! For a complete guide to Amex Offers I would suggest checking out Frequent Miler’s excellent guide.

Raymour & Flanigan Amex Offer
Raymour & Flanigan Amex Offer for 11,500 Membership Rewards points

Raymour & Flanigan Amex Offer

Keep in mind Amex Offers are usually targeted so this will not be on everyone’s accounts. That being said, 11,500 Membership Rewards points are easily worth $200 or so. If you can find a use for some furniture, a couple rugs, a gift card to re-sell, or anything else, I would absolutely make sure to take advantage of this offer.

The simple steps to sign up for Amex Offers are as follows:

  1. Log in to your American Express account
  2. Scroll below your recent activity to see your AmEx Offers
  3. If you would like to add the offer to more than one card open the other card in a new tab before adding that offer
  4. Read the terms & conditions and use!

Bottom Line

An Amex Offer to get 11,500 Membership Rewards points is fantastic! I’ve never shopped at Raymour & Flanigan personally but their website seems to have standard furniture store type stuff. If you value MR points at 2 cents each the points are worth $230. If you manage to spend $751 (I know, not the easiest thing) that’s a return of over 30%!

Check out your account today, and the Raymour & Flanigan website, to see if this deal is right for you.  Alright, now I’m off to shop!

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2 thoughts on “Raymour & Flanigan: 11,500 Membership Rewards Points Amex Offer!!

  1. Hey Ben and Liz,
    Thanks for the motivation to check out the Raymour & Flanigan Amex Offer. We weren’t able to buy anything because the stores are in New York and everything we considered was for store pickup only. We live in Austin, TX. My wife was hoping for a sofa sleeper.
    While I was on the AmEx site I was checking out other offers and did make a few purchases ( Alaskan King Salmon, Dried fruit and nut gift basket and some clothes) and garnered a few thousand extra points and dollar savings in the process, so thanks!! We’re planning trips on points to Mexico City, San Francisco, Paris and Greece.

    I’m holding out for a home equity loan for a new roof, then I’ll be applying for the Am Ex Blue Business Plus or Am Ex Everyday Preferred once I figure out which is the best for my spending patterns. Thanks for the article!

    You two seem to think like I do, with the same cards, strategies and all, so I really enjoy your perspective on this hobby. I found you from the MMS writeup. Keep up the good work!! Donald

    1. Hi Donald,

      Glad you found us and thanks for the nice comment! Too bad the Raymour & Flanigan offer wouldn’t work for you, but you’re right in that there are lots of other great offers in addition to that one. Sounds like you have a lot of nice strategies in play right now as well, maximizing lots of points opportunities.

      Thanks for reading!

      – Liz

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