How to and How Fast to Remove Authorized User Accounts off Credit Report?

You may recall how my silly mistake cost my husband a Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Also could be titled “how 5/24 can cause marriage problems” by adding him as an authorized user to new cards I opened.  After making that mistake I started tracking when he would drop off 5/24. Plus needed to remove his authorized user accounts from his credit report to drop off 5/24 sooner. I wanted to recount the process of how to remove authorized user accounts from the credit report, plus how long it takes to remove authorized user accounts.

How to remove Authorized User’s for Chase Accounts

In this particular example I had to remove two Chase accounts from my husband’s credit report. Doctor of Credit does have an excellent guide overall on this process but in my experience how to remove authorized users from Chase for credit report purposes has changed.

Unfortunately I was not able to simply send them a secure message, I attempted to twice. Both times was told by different reps my husband needed to fill out a form. The form was quite unofficial and needed to be faxed or mailed (very convenient!). Luckily I was able to e-fax so it was pretty simple overall.

Remove Authorized User from Chase Accounts
Form to remove Chase Authorized User accounts from credit report

How fast did the Authorized User accounts get removed from credit report?

Using an online fax service I sent in the form on May 23rd. I wasn’t quite sure how timing would work out since my Chase cards close right around that date.

Luckily, we checked my husband’s Credit Karma account on May 31st – only 8 days later – and saw the following:

Removal of authorized users Credit Karma
Only 4 accounts!

I was frankly shocked at how fast the turnaround was! I was expecting much longer for the process overall. Also, I love Credit Karma – such a great site!

Bottom Line

On May 31st when we confirmed my husband was under 5/24 he applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and was instantly approved! Obviously it’s still a bummer that we missed out on the 100,000 point sign-up bonus AND that Chase just changed their definition of travel credit from calendar year to anniversary year, but I’ll still take the 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

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