Miles4Migrants: Donate Miles to Reunite Refugees

The main point of this blog is to teach readers how to earn and use points to travel better. But we also recognize that many of us in this hobby sometimes have miles that we may not use. Ben in the past has covered many of the options for donating miles that will go unused. Today, I want to cover another option of how to help others via Miles4Migrants.

Miles4Migrants Home Page
Miles4Migrants Home Page

Note: I know some people have strong feelings on refugees as one Reddit post on Miles4Migrants did have a couple less than enthusiastic comments. You are entitled to your opinion but if you do decide to comment please be respectful.

Miles4Migrants – Basics

As the name implies, Miles4Migrants quite literally allows you to donate miles for migrants or refugees. These miles are used for reuniting families, helping refugees escape war torn countries, and countless other situations. This is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. The charity was started in just September 2016 by points and miles enthusiasts who contribute to Reddit, Miles4Migrants has already used almost 425,000 miles to fly 28 people and has gotten almost 1.9 cents per mile (according to their post on Reddit found here).

Miles4Migrants – How to Donate Miles

The process is not as simple as the donation options Ben outlined above. However, this particular charity has a direct and clear use of miles, which is different than other point donation options. Basically, Miles4Migrants requires a minimum number of miles, typically at least 10,000. So miles are not grouped, but your miles go directly to specific needs presented by Miles4Migrants NGO partners.

What this means is you can know your miles are literally being used to fly at least one person for one of the intended reasons of the charity. This is compared to other donation options where you know you’re probably doing good but the miles somewhat go into an abyss.

The one big negative here is of course the minimum mile donation. It 100% makes sense since your 10,000 miles are going directly to book a person’s flight but also means a larger donation is required. Due to the way Miles4Migrants is set up it also may mean a few emails. Or, possibly, a phone call to confirm the miles transfer.

Bottom Line

Miles4Migrants is a very unique option, especially because the work being done with your miles is very tangible. Minimum mile amounts for donation is an issue but you can also donate cash to cover taxes and fees. Also, Miles4Migrants is set up on AmazonSmile if you would like to assist in that way (and you can still get 3x JetBlue points!).

I of course have not evaluated Miles4Migrants books specifically but they appear to be on the up and up and run by some dedicated folks who know what they’re doing in this “points game”. Certainly take a look at their site if you have extra miles to spare!

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One thought on “Miles4Migrants: Donate Miles to Reunite Refugees

  1. Thanks for the article!

    As you stated, we’re quite a new charity but there has been an amazing groundswell of support for our efforts so far. We’ve just booked our 29th and 30th flights and our next booking will probably take us over the 500,000 miles mark

    We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about us.


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