JetBlue Points for Amazon: How long for points to post and other details

In late 2016 JetBlue released the option to earn 3x points on almost any Amazon purchase. As covered in our post on basic ways to earn points, earning JetBlue points for Amazon can be very lucrative if you have as many Amazon Prime boxes show up at your house weekly as I do.

As soon as this news was released I immediately started using the JetBlue link for my purchases and waited for the points to roll in! Except…that wasn’t exactly how it went for me, or many others. JetBlue’s FAQ’s state to wait at least 30 days for points to post. In my experience you should expect to wait somewhere between 30-90 days. Yes, seriously. But for 3x points on Amazon purchases, you take what you can get I guess! I’ll dive a little bit into data points from other resources as well to attempt to find a trend.

Jetblue Points for Amazon Purchases

JetBlue Points for Amazon – Basics

If you’re not familiar with getting JetBlue Points for Amazon there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You must go through your unique link on JetBlue’s website by logging in.
  • Almost any purchase counts. The FAQ’s lists products here.
  • Make sure to go through the link and then add any products to your cart to be safe. For awhile I was occasionally adding items to my cart, then going through the JetBlue link to purchase which does not give you points.
  • There are data points that state you can go through the link to buy a gift card, earn points, then go through the link to purchase products with said gift card, and earn points. That is definitely NOT supposed to be the way it works but if you want to go for it, do it. But there is always a possibility Amazon could shut down your account if they discover it.

There are plenty of more things to keep in mind. Per usual Reddit and Flyertalk are excellent resources to find many others data points.

JetBlue Points for Amazon – Posting Times

So, I covered all the good stuff! Now though, let’s talk about the erratic posting times of JetBlue points for Amazon purchases. Keep in mind I did make the (apparently big) mistake of adding items to my cart before using the JetBlue link. But, when points can take a couple months to post it’s very difficult to know if you’re making a mistake like that.

Here is my points posting activity:

Jetblue Points for Amazon Purchases Activity Screenshot
Erratic posting at best

As you can imagine, after a couple quick posting of points in December I was feeling pretty nervous by March 13th when finally a bucket of almost 600 points showed up. Even factoring in my mistake of adding some items to cart before going through link, that was not with every purchase. At the same time as I was worried about no purchases working there were plenty of folks reporting points posting:

  • Reports of points throughout the month of February when I didn’t have anything post until mid-March
  • People reporting in early March that points were consistently posting 30 days after purchase
  • More people reporting that small purchases were posting in 30 days but large purchases were not
  • Reports in late April of purchases taking 90 days to post for some users
  • Someone not having points post since 3/16!

This is all keeping in mind that somehow I had no points post for months, then from mid-March to mid-April had 4 batches post and now nothing for another month! The amounts are also very difficult for me to match to specific purchases to determine which points are for what based on my spending history and the fact that some points have clearly been in large batches, and some have not.

Bottom Line

I don’t know what is going on with the JetBlue Amazon partnership but myself and many others consistently order from Amazon every 1-2 weeks and have absolutely no consistency when points post. It is frustrating but at the same time there are so few restrictions around the program that I don’t necessarily want all of us to throw a fit and kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

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