New Amex Offers for May: $30 for 1,000 points, Rover, Adorama and more!

Today I wanted to cover the new Amex Offers as for May. If you’re not familiar with AmEx Offers these are very lucrative offers that come with the majority of American Express cards for either money savings or bonus American Express points. For a complete guide to AmEx Offers I would suggest checking out Frequent Miler’s excellent guide. I’d also check out my post on how long for Amex Offers points to post and the best offers I found in April.

How to use AmEx Offers

For the simple explanation however, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your American Express account
  2. Scroll below your recent activity to see your AmEx Offers
  3. If you would like to add the offer to more than one card make sure to open the other card in a new tab before adding that particular offer
  4. Read the terms & conditions and use!

New Amex Offers May 2017

Best Amex Offers May 2017
Just a few of the current offers on my account

There are some new ones, and as usual some are targeted so check your own personal page! The following are definitely the most appealing:

  • Spend $30+ and get 1,000 MR points at
  • Spend $250+, get 2,500 MR Points at Adorama
  • Spend $10+, get $10 back at Dollar Shave Club
  • Spend 75+, get $35 back at Rover (check out Ben’s review of Rover to get up to $55 off!)
  • Spend $40+, get 1,000 MR points at

From the above is a no brainer as they sell my daily multi-vitamin cheaper than Amazon anyways! Adorama is great for any electronics purchases you may need to make. Rover I won’t use since I don’t have any pets but it’s a great offer for someone who needs pet-sitting to take advantage of.

The most intriguing ongoing Amex Offers are as follows:

  • 2x points at Whole Foods! This means with my Amex Everyday Preferred I actually get 5.5x points at Whole Foods (since I make 30+ transactions a month). That is fantastic!
  • 2x points at additional stores such as Gap Brands (online only), Macy’s, Best Buy,, and more.
  • Spend $200+, get $100 back with Upwork
  • Spend $200+, get $50 back with HotelStorm
  • Statement credit back on different types of Hilton properties
  • Spend $200+, get $50 back at Sunglass Hut
  • Spend $200+, get $40 back at JetBlue

It’s pretty self-explanatory why the above are awesome but it’s a good reminder to not forget about ones you can use repeatedly, or may have added to a card but never redeemed.

Bottom Line

Hopefully this little weekend roundup of Amex Offers prompts you to take a look at your account and find some great deals as well!

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