I need a Plastiq Referral Code and Mortgages/Rent Coding as Travel?


Update: Congrats to Mike whose name I pulled out of the hat. If you’d like to use my Plastiq referral code please click here: https://try.plastiq.com/714733. Or use one of our readers codes in the comments!  

Update #2: Congrats to reader Leah, you’ve also been selected! Let’s hope this deal sticks around! – Ben

For those of you very into points and miles, you may know all about Plastiq. If you don’t, I’ll explain shortly here. For those familiar with Plastiq, guess what, despite being a credit card churner, I’ve never signed up. So I’m looking to use someone’s Plastiq referral code. Use our contact page to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you want me to use yours. The current referral program will give you $1,000 in fee-free payments and me $500 in fee-free payments. Win win!

Now down to business – what is Plastiq and how can purchases coding as travel mean you make money on monthly bills?

Plastiq Homepage

What is Plastiq

To put it simply, Plastiq is an online service to allow you to pay all your bills using credit cards. This includes rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments, taxes, tuition, etc. Of course, this doesn’t come free as there is a 2.5% fee. Typically this fee means it’s only really logical to use Plastiq if you’re trying to hit the minimum spend for a credit card bonus. Or a few other reasons, but typically that’s a main one.

If you want to learn all the details the always excellent Frequent Miler has a thorough, easy to understand, guide here.

Plastiq Rent/Mortgage Payments coding as Travel?

However, this newest development means you could make money using Plastiq! Yes, seriously. Not a huge amount, but hey, why not make some money paying your mortgage? It started on Reddit, then the news spread to blogs and there are lots of data points on blogs like Doctor of Credit, Frugal Travel Guy, and One Mile at a Time. Rent and mortgage payments are often being coded as travel on the Chase Sapphire Reserve which means 3x points.

What does this mean?

This means you get 3x points on rent/mortgage payments made through Plastiq. With each point being easily worth 1.5 cents towards travel that means you get a return of 4.5% for each dollar charged. This means, even with the 2.5% fee you are getting a return of easily 2%! Even if you just want to take the cash and run, you still will make .5% off your points!

Bottom Line

Plastiq isn’t for everyone, but I’m ready to jump into it to occasionally hit credit card sign-up bonuses, and just maybe start to get 3x points on my mortgage with the Chase Sapphire Reserve!

So, who has a Plastiq referral code they’d like me to use?

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14 thoughts on “I need a Plastiq Referral Code and Mortgages/Rent Coding as Travel?

    1. Appreciate it, Nicholai! I’ve gotten a couple via email as well. So I’ll pull straws or something else very unofficial to pick one tomorrow. If Ben ever jumps into Plastiq he’ll use one of our readers too.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. If Chase hasn’t shut down this loophole by the end of the month, I’ll grab a readers referral code for my mortgage. Something tells me this isn’t going to last though…

  1. My Chase Ink Preferred also coded Plastiq payment as “Travel” on my most recent statement date May 1, 2017 so I can confirm this works. They have a huge bonus to use for your minimum spend requirements. You can get $500 FFD (as May 2, 2017) by using my link below:

    Referral code 648787
    Link: https://try.plastiq.com/648787

    1. Congrats Leah, your referral has been randomly chosen for my foray into Plastiq. Thanks for reading!

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