Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Major Service Miss

I recapped most of my Cosmopolitan Las Vegas stay already, including reviewing Momofuku and the “secret” pizza spot. Today I wanted to focus on a major service miss which was pretty disappointing based on the cost of a property like this.

Overall I had disclosed in my previous review why I wouldn’t stay at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas again. Mostly because I just prefer a quieter area of Las Vegas (yes, I realize that sounds like an oxymoron!). But also because the service standards make you feel like you’re doing them the favor by being there.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Major Service Miss

So during March Madness bars routinely charge cover fees or table minimums simply to grab a seat and watch some games. I wasn’t aware of that but my husband tells me that’s normal in many places. That’s not my complaint.

No ice water served policy

My complaint is about Clique. Which is a nondescript bar in the Cosmopolitan with standard overpriced Vegas food and drinks – which again, not my complaint. We were sitting at the bar eating and drinking and I asked for a water. The bartender replies “sure, we have Evian for $6 a bottle”. I reply, naturally, that ice water is fine. He went on to say they do not serve ice water during March Madness because of the cost to bring the televisions into the bar, which normally does not have them. I would think the $200 minimum per person they were charging to sit at a table (which is why we were sitting at the bar) would cover the cost to have their AV department roll the tv’s there, but apparently not?

I was actually incredulous. Except for straight up nightclubs in Las Vegas (which this certainly was not) I’ve never experienced this. Plus, the place was over half empty. I later tweeted about it and the Cosmopolitan responded that there were water stations outside of three bars. This wasn’t mentioned to us at any point either, and there were no water stations outside of Clique.

Don’t get me wrong, bars and restaurants are well within their rights to serve, or not serve, water.  But this sort of customer unfriendly policy to people spending good money was prevalent throughout the Cosmo. I suppose hotels like this draw customers to them no matter what and they don’t really care about service levels. At a minimum, the bartenders should say “I’m sorry, this is hotel policy unfortunately, I understand it’s frustrating”. Instead, it was like pulling teeth to even pay my $6 for an Evian, much less alerting us to a water station that was 50 feet away.

Clique Wings at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Wing Skewer/Pops at Clique

Other Service Misses

As I mentioned above, this was a recurring theme. Constantly feeling like you were doing the bartenders a favor by spending your hard earned money. Whether it was a look of disdain when we asked if there was a minimum to play video poker to get free cocktails (which is very common at Vegas casinos), to trying to get a soda refill, or really anything that was needed.

Bottom Line

I worked in restaurants for many years, throughout high school, college, and for a couple additional years beyond that. So I 100% understand people have off days. But, once this became a recurring theme it becomes something to note. It’s disappointing but unfortunately properties like the Cosmo don’t really seem to need to focus on good service because people keep coming back anyways. I just won’t be one of them.

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