Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Momofuku Restaurant and Secret Pizza

Earlier this week I reviewed the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. One of my favorite vacation activities happens to be dining as well. If the term “foodie” wasn’t so overdone I may describe myself as one. Based on the last minute nature of my trip I simply joined my husband and a couple of his friends for some of their dinner plans so didn’t have any meals that were too formal. However, in the interest of my Cosmopolitan review I wanted to mention both the Las Vegas Momofuku location and the “Secret” pizza spot.

Las Vegas Momofuku Restaurant

Momofuku Las Vegas Open Kitchen
Momofuku Las Vegas Open Kitchen

Born from the famous David Chang’s Momofuku in New York, this is one of the many celebrity chef restaurants in Las Vegas. 99% of which the chef rarely steps into. That being said we were looking for a mid-afternoon snack one afternoon and wanted to try something a little more unique.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Momofuku Menu
Las Vegas Momofuku Menu

Since we were just looking for something light, we decided to each get a bun and the pork ramen. Pork belly and chicken karaage (aka fried chicken!). The chicken karaage was clearly freshly made and very hot. The texture of the bun was pretty nice but the large chunk of fried chicken was heavy on the fry and low on the meat. Unfortunately the large piece of chicken overtook the other flavors but it was still nice texturally and not bad overall. The pork belly bun was much nicer with a great texture on the pork belly. I did find the hoisin sauce a little heavy but was still nice and a filling few bites.

Las Vegas Momofuku Pork Belly Bun and Chicken Karaage Bun
Pork Belly and Chicken Karaage Buns

The pork ramen was the more traditional choice so we decided to split that. The pork belly (chashu) was just as spot on as the pork belly in the bun. Very tender and melt-in-your mouth tasty. The noodles were also excellent, with just the right amount of chew. The broth, on the other hand, could’ve used some work. It was very rich and fatty but very one note, without a lot of depth.

Las Vegas Momofuku Pork Ramen
Pork Ramen

Overall it was a tasty little mid-afternoon meal, and I would recommend stopping by if you’re looking for something outside of the indulgence of Vegas buffets.

Cosmopolitan Secret Pizza

So this really isn’t a “secret” with 3300+ Yelp reviews, yet the name has stuck. But Cosmopolitan Secret Pizza is a slices spot on the 3rd floor with a simply hallway and no markings to indicate it exists. Except for the line trailing far outside of a random hallway.

This place has quite a bit of hype and trust me, late at night after a few cocktails I certainly enjoyed the pizza, but it really is just a slices type place. I do have to say the crowd is highly entertaining after midnight. The employees are also friendly and the line moves fast so don’t get scared when you see it!

If you’re staying in the Cosmo definitely swing by and grab a slice or a pie!

Bottom Line

I’d recommend both spots. From past visits I would also recommend a few other spots:

  • Jaleo: A tapas spot
  • é by José Andrés:  A very high end restaurant inside of Jaleo with private counter seatings (bring your pocketbook!)
  • Estiatorio Milos: A greek restaurant which is very pricey, but they have a 3 course $25 lunch if you’re looking for something a little fancier that doesn’t cost a fortune.

In my next post, unfortunately, I’ll be detailing where things really went wrong at the Cosmo service wise.

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