Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to join my husband last minute on his annual March Madness trip to Las Vegas. This meant I was able to not only take advantage of some hard earned points that were being redeemed but also do a Cosmopolitan Las Vegas review.

Using points for Las Vegas can be very lucrative, or a waste of points since rates in Vegas can fluctuate wildly.  Here is a full list of Strip hotels you can book with points. During March Madness, especially the first weekend of the tournament, rates can be astronomical. So, using points for the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas was a great deal! In this Cosmopolitan Las Vegas review I’ll cover the room, the general vibe of the property, as well as why I would not choose to return to the Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review

Booking the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

First, since rates were going for close to $400/night at the Cosmopolitan points were an obvious option. The Cosmopolitan is part of the Marriott program and an Autograph Collection property.

To book the Cosmo on points you can use 45,000 Marriott points a night. Or, due to the merger with Starwood, convert 15,000 SPG points to 45,000 Marriott points. This is a good value redemption when rates are high. This does not represent an excellent value when rates are low such as weekday nights, or the summer. Most points bloggers value Marriott points at .8 cents in value which means 45,000 Marriott points are worth around $360.

Unfortunately it is important to note that this is one of the very few properties that only provides points for the actual room stay as well as in-room F&B. You do not receive points for any other food and beverage charges at the Cosmpolitan. Elite benefits are also not as robust here unfortunately.  This Flyertalk thread gives a very good overview of what you should expect as an elite member.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room

I did miss check-in since my husband arrived before me. I drove up about later that day since I found out literally last minute I could go and there was no last minute flight award space. He said it was fast and pleasant, which is not always the case for Las Vegas check-in lines. For future reference when you see the room view, there was no mention of him receiving any sort of upgrade.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review check-in area
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Check-in area with constantly rotating images on the square screens

The room was on the 25th floor in the Chelsea Tower, and was accessible from the elevator bank directly across from the check-in area. It’s worth noting that Marriott Platinum members can use a designated check-in area to the left of the main desks that is actually a separate space with chairs, water available, etc.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Chelsea Tower Elevator Bank
Elevator bank directly across from check-in area

Everything in the Cosmopolitan is designed to be hip and cool. It’s certainly not my main priority but many will enjoy how quirky the hotel tries to be. I’d say it can be similar to a W Hotel in those attempts. It was mostly successful except for the hallway coloring which really could use a little more oomph.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review - Elevators
Stepping off the elevators on 25th floor – yes that is Johnny Depp on the chair back
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review hallway from elevators
Entrance to hallway from elevator bank

Upon entering the room I took note of where our room was among others and that it appeared to be standard sized. Note that the Cosmopolitan does have some very cool suites that offer wraparound balconies with awesome views. If you have elite status I would politely request an upgrade and see if you can snag one.

One important item of note before someone comments about this being odd: no, my husband and I don’t typically get rooms with two queen beds. When he checked in he took the first room available since it was 9am, and I didn’t decide to drive up until about 5pm later that day.

First, the view was awesome! Typically you need to pay extra or get an upgraded room to get a view. And even then you often end up with partial Strip views that are less than exciting. I’ve been to Vegas enough times that the view doesn’t “wow” me anymore but I still was appreciative of what we were given.

Upon walking in the room was spacious enough, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary. The closet was on the right hand side, followed by the bathroom on the right hand side. The mirrored door slid from covering the closet to the bathroom. Following that, the minibar snacks and drinks were on the right hand side. The room featured outlets exactly where you want they be on the nightstand and desk (a huge pet peeve of mine), a proper desk if you need to work, and two casual chairs by the window.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review - Closet and Entry
Entryway and closet featuring bathrobes
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Room
View from window of entry, bedroom, and into bathroom through the glass pane feature in the shower

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas room view of tv and desk

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Minibar
Minibar pricing as exorbitant as expected – $6 for a can of Coke, $8 for coconut water, $7 Bud Light, etc.
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Minibar snacks
$10 bottles of Fiji water, $11 Milano cookies, and $10 almonds
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Bellagio fountain view and parking lot
View from room
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review - Bellagio fountains and Paris
View from room slightly zoomed in to get rid of that parking lot!

As to what I alluded to above, the bathroom featured a shower that had a large glass pane open to the room. There was a shade you could pull down. You should note that the shade is opaque but doesn’t block out lighting. Where I’m going with this is, on morning one, with the blackout shades drawn and the room dark, but bathroom lights on, you could definitely see the silhouette of the person showering. Luckily I’m married and all so it was fine, but hopefully people notice that if they’re sharing a room with a coworker or friend!

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Room with Shower Shade pulled down
View with shower shade pulled down

The bathroom was nicely appointed with C.O. Bigelow products which I really enjoy, a separate toilet room, double sinks, and a makeup mirror.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review bathroom entryway and closet
Entry to bathroom with the mirrored door covering the closet
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Bathroom
Toilet to the right, shower to the left
Enclosed toilet room with frosted glass door
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review bathroom shower
View from bathroom through shower into the room

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review C.O. Bigelow Toiletries

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review C.O. Bigelow toiletries in shower

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Shower

Overall I was happy with the room. The decor certainly tries to be hip and quirky and mostly gets there. But, I was in Vegas so the room is a little less important to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at the Cosmopolitan again based on the room, but instead based on other items.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas General Property and Vibe

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review Chandelier
Just a small part of the giant chandelier that takes up three floors of the Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is smack dab in the middle of the Strip. With this comes pros and cons. My cons may very well be others pros. So take this with a grain of salt.

First, the Cosmo was packed. It is a crowded hotel to start with and this weekend in particular made it even worse. Between the Marquee Nightclub which is also a day club, the sports book overflowing due to March Madness, and the Cosmo in general not being designed great to hold large amounts of people, it was just a mess. The Cosmo was originally designed to be private residences before the recession hit and you can still see some evidence of that. Especially in the valet/parking area which is very hard to get in and out of due to its size.

Because of the crazy weekend on Saturday night you couldn’t play blackjack for less than $50/hand. It was also crazy to get a drink anywhere, and the sports book line was legitimately 45 minutes long at many points. To be fair, that was most of the central Strip hotels on that weekend however. We went to the Wynn one night and it was much more my vibe as it tends to be since I have aged out of my clubbing days.

If you want to be in the middle of all the Vegas action, the Cosmo is wonderful. If you’re like me and failing at being a millenial, it’s just a bit of a headache.

There’s a giant shoe in the middle of the floor when you enter from the Strip. I snapped this picture around 1am. This was a common scene and pretty funny!

Bottom Line

The Cosmopolitan in Vegas is a great property to stay at depending on what you want to do. If your intent is to truly “experience” Vegas this is definitely your spot! From clubs to crowds the Cosmo has it! If you still want a central location, but your elite benefits recognized and a quieter more low key hotel, then check out the Westin which Ben reviewed in January.

Coming up in my next post I’m going to detail the MAJOR service miss that annoyed me, as well as the various restaurants and other aspects of the Cosmopolitan.

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