Solving the Shower Issue at Crowne Plaza Times Square

I’m wrapping up a trip in New York City for work and staying at the Crowne Plaza Times Square. Not my choice of locations or hotels simply because I like other areas of New York more but here I am for work reasons. I’m not planning on doing a full review since it is very much what you would expect from a nondescript chain hotel. However, what really made me excited is the shower.

Yes, the shower. As Tiffany at One Mile at a Time describes in her hotel shower rating system, some of us are picky about our hotel showers.

The Crowne Plaza Times Square Shower Solution

First, the Crowne Plaza Time Square is rather standard on its own. Nice enough, but screams chain. Friendly employees but overpriced bar, the norm for the Times Square or Manhattan in general. Average gym and all that. But, while traveling for work that’s fine.

Crowne Plaza Times Square Room 2 Crown Plaza Times Square Room

But, when I first walked into the bathroom I groaned. Because I instantly knew, great, I’m going to get half wet trying to turn on the shower. And shower caps are an amenity provided at the Crowne Plaza Times Square but that only takes you so far.

Crowne Plaza Times Square Shower

Then, I saw it. The hole. And how could I have missed it?

Crowne Plaza Times Square Shower Hole
Why do I find this so shockingly awesome?

This is the dumbest, lowest tech solution ever but full of common sense. Ridiculously easy yet this doesn’t exist in 99% of hotels. The very simple concept of reaching your arm through a cutout to solve a shower that was poorly designed when the hotel was built it so simple. And. from speaking to my coworkers, we all thought it was awesome! Yes, it is the small pleasures in life that are great sometimes.

Anyone else despise showers that get you half wet and freezing? Or is it just me? Between glass cutouts and wearing leggings on a plane, I really am not sophisticated apparently…

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