Great Deal! Up to $100 back at Starbucks with Marriott Credit Card!

Scrolling through Facebook aimlessly does have value! I just saw this ad mentioning up to 10% back at Starbucks while using your Marriott Rewards credit card.

10% back from Starbucks with Marriott Credit Card
Up to 10% back as a statement credit!

Immediately intrigued I clicked the link to find the terms and conditions. I thought at first this may be one of those lame click-bait deals where your maximum statement credit could be $5 or something. However the terms & conditions state you can get up to $100 back in statement credits while using your Marriott Rewards credit card.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to go out and load $1,000 on a Starbucks card but there are a lot of scenarios that may make sense to for some people. I also realized I had seen this in an email as well and scanned right past it:

10% back from Starbucks with Marriott Credit Card EmailDetails

Full details and terms & conditions found here but the highlights are:

  • Promotional credit will be awarded in the form of a statement credit on your Marriott Rewards Credit Card
  • Statement credits are limited to $100 during the promotion period of 2/15-4/15
  • Transaction must post during the promotional period so don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for statement credit to post

I actually saw today my Bank of America debit card has a 10% cash back “offer” at Starbucks too but it caps out at $3.00 cash back. Opposite of exciting.

Bottom Line

Getting 10% back at Starbucks, up to $100, is a great deal so make sure to re-load your Starbucks gift card online or via app using your Marriott Rewards credit card until April 15th. It’s a card I have in my wallet so I’ll probably take advantage of this, although probably not to the max. The card also offers 2x Marriott points per $1 when you use it at restaurants which typically is not all that exciting but with already getting 10% back certainly is better than nothing.

Anyone else going to take advantage of this offer?

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