Are Americans Canceling Trips to Mexico?

Via Travel Weekly… Are Americans canceling trips to Mexico? A recent survey of travel agents by MAST Travel Network indicates that might be the case. The apparent reasoning is unclear, but agents are speculating that ongoing tensions regarding a border wall could be a deterrent for some travelers.

Border Wall and Cartels

News outlets are constantly buzzing about State Department travel advisories impacting the border. Of course they fail to mention that the State Department issues travel advisories all around the world. This includes a current alert that covers all of Europe! I guess I better scrap that trip to Norway!

I have a different perspective than most regarding travel to Mexico. The closest beach to my home in Phoenix is Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, not San Diego or Los Angeles. Dozens of trips down south have given me a unique perspective on Mexico travel that most Americans don’t posses. The truth is, like Americans, most Mexican people are very welcoming to tourists. Sure there are standard precautions that tourists should take, but all in all, Mexico is a beautiful place.

Puerto Peñasco
My home away from home. Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

I’m somewhat skeptical we’ll see a dramatic rush to cancel Mexico trips in light of the Trump presidency. I think most people fall into two categories. First, there’s the experienced and adventurous travelers that have been, or are willing to travel to Mexico. Second, you have people that weren’t going to go in the first place. These are usually the ones that tell you you’ll be horrifically murdered by a cartel assassin the second you step across the border. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already ignore these people.

Mosquito Alert

What I think might be hurting Mexico travel more than anything is the Zika virus. Sadly, Zika is a real threat for couples that are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. This includes both both men and women since men can pass the disease through intercourse. My wife and I are expecting our first child in May and as a result, we haven’t been able to travel to Mexico or anywhere in the region for some time now.

It is true that certain areas of Mexico don’t have a climate where the Zika virus can live. An example would be Mexico City which sits 7,000+ feet above sea level. The Aedes mosquito which transmits Zika to humans doesn’t survive in high altitude climates. Unfortunately explaining Zika-free zones of Meixco to your pregnant wife isn’t easy, so no trips for the time being.

Bottom Line

Like most developing countries, Mexico has 99 problems, but I don’t think a proposed border wall is one. Despite the intense political rhetoric of the last few months, beautiful beaches, tequila, and amazing food will always win in the end. What do you think? Do you know of anyone that has canceled plans to travel to Mexico?

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