(Almost) Losing 1,000 Points for Missing a $10 Payment

To start out, Ben warned me this about a year ago this could happen. The problem with having (arguably) a lot of credit cards in your wallet is forgetting a credit card payment is easier. There are plenty of ways to make sure you don’t forget a credit card payment. Unfortunately, I don’t practice what I preach.

Forgetting a credit card payment

When I discussed the main three credit cards I spend money on, I outlined how I use my American Express Everyday Preferred for non-bonused spend since I get 1.5x points (as long as I hit 30 purchases in a month). However, I recently decided to take advantage of an offer in Arizona to donate to a school which counts as a tax credit. Luckily, credit cards were an acceptable form of payment. Effectively this means paying $1,000 of state income taxes with a credit card. 

This all sounds great, right?! I get to pay $1,000 of my state taxes with a credit card and get to send money directly to a school. All a great plan until I decided to put the spend on my Starwood Preferred Guest AmEx. I had gotten a targeted 0% interest offer for 6 months so this seemed like a great opportunity to get SPG points and not need to pay off the balance until I file my taxes and get my refund.

I never really put charges on my SPG card, but when I went to make a payment I saw I had missed a payment on the $10.77 balance from the previous month. Confused, I quickly realized that I had charged $10.77 via my iTunes account the previous month. I rarely buy anything off iTunes but maybe there was a Candy Crush level I just really needed to beat? The issue is by forgetting my payment is that my statement said all my points from the donation would be forfeited:

SPG Forfeited Points

Calling American Express

Of course at this point I’m kicking myself and decide to call American Express. Luckily I was able to speak to a gem of a customer service agent, Rhonda. After briefly putting me on hold she reassured me that based on my good payment history they would reinstate my points. All I needed to do was make my $10.77 payment over the phone.

I was pretty relieved of course, but it doesn’t always work out like that. When forgetting a credit card payment the consequences can be worse.

In my next post I’ll detail the various methods to keep track of credit card payments, annual fees, and more. They are simple and easy to do but what can I say…do as I say, not as I do.

So anyone else made a mistake like this and have had a kind customer service agent fix it easily? Or had worse consequences? 

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