American Airlines Valentine’s Day Bonus

I received an email this morning promoting an American Airlines Valentine’s Day Bonus. American is offering an extra 15,000 AAdvantage miles if you book a 3+ night trip for you and a guest via their AA Vacations portal. This can represent a great value if there’s a trip that you haven’t gotten around to booking.

American Airlines Valentine's Day Bonus Page

The Basics: American Airlines Vacations

To qualify for the AAdvantage bonus miles, you’ll need to book by February 22, for travel through November 20, 2017. This is pretty generous since most avid travelers have at least one trip on the horizon this year. My wife and I have a family wedding to attend in October. I might just book that now and bank the extra miles.

Another great thing about this promotion is that it isn’t limited to vacation packages. Work travel could also qualify you for the deal. Of course you would need to book a separate hotel room if traveling with a colleague.

Occasionally you’ll see a promotion that offers bonuses, but the product itself has an inflated price. In this case I ran the numbers pricing is spot on. The flight and hotel bundle is equal or less expensive than what you would pay separately.

The Cons: American Airlines Vacations

A few things of note here:

  1. Your booking is prepaid. Obviously you’ll want to make sure your trip is solid before booking. Hopefully my wife’s cousin doesn’t get cold feet!
  2. You may not earn hotel points. Every chain is different, but most hotels will view this as a third party purchase and not give points. If you have any status with a chain, that would be honored at check-in.

Bottom Line

This promotion is a great reminder to never book travel without looking for promotions first. I’ve been guilty of doing this in the past. Often times I’m so excited to book the trip, that I forget to take the time to look around for bonus opportunities. In this case you’d earn enough miles for a one way flight to the Caribbean by simply booking already planned travel through American Airlines Vacations. Never leave points or miles on the table!

Hotels and airlines routinely send out offers like to encourage travel. While I don’t think this would cause me to plan a new trip, it’s a great incentive to book an already planned trip with American.

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