Review: Chase Experiences

I’ve been getting a lot emails from Chase about VIP event access recently. The program is called “Chase Experiences”. Essentially Chase has given Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardmembers the opportunity to get up close at sporting events, concerts, and culinary experiences. Often times promotional emails from credit card companies offer up “deals” that aren’t really worth looking into. I wanted to give a Chase Experiences review for insight into whether the product is really worth exploring.

Chase Experiences Introduction

Insider/VIP access to events often means behind the scenes tours of arenas, meet and greet with performers, and food & beverage receptions. I’m going to take a look at three events that are available for purchase right now. My goal is to determine whether what Chase is offering is truly a unique proposition. Additionally, I’ll be examining whether it’s worth the rate being charged for the experience.

#1) Panic! At The Disco + VIP Chase Lounge Experience in Los Angeles


Chase Experiences Los Angeles

Let me start by saying, WOW! This is an incredible deal. I’ll start by analyzing how much it would cost to buy normal tickets to this concert. I checked Stubhub and the cheapest lower level tickets were $105 each. The Chase package gives you two lower level tickets for $175 and they’re in great sections. Right away you’re ahead at least $40, probably a lot more.

Additionally you’ll get:

Access to a special cardmember reception in the Chase Lounge featuring complimentary bites and beverages ($50)
Q&A with Brendon Urie for attendees in the Chase Lounge (Priceless for fans)
Meet and greet with Brendon Urie in the Chase Lounge (Priceless for fans)
Complimentary parking ($25)

To me this represents an incredible deal at $175. I could imagine fans of the band would value something like this well over $500. You’ll notice above that you can also pay with Chase points, but it’s a terrible redemption. You can get much better value redeeming Ultimate Rewards points for travel.

#2) New York Knicks Road Trip Package for two

Chase Experiences New York Knicks

$5,000? Who in the wide world of Chase decided to green light this idea? Put lightly, this is a terrible offer. The package includes the following perks, which I’ll value if I were paying out of pocket:

Round trip commercial airfare ($800)
Hotel accommodations ($400)
Lower level game tickets ($200)
Transportation to/from airport ($100)
Transportation to/from the game ($50)
Two signed jerseys ($500)

I’m struggling to come up with how this would be worth anymore than $2,000 and I’m being very generous. If those jerseys are being signed by a random player, they’re probably not worth more than $150 each. They also don’t go into detail about which airline or hotel you’ll be assigned to. That could mean a middle seat on Spirit and a room at the Motel 6 for all I know. Furthermore, they don’t seem to be offering anything unique here. I could buy all of this without being a Chase card member. For $5,000, I’d have to be on the team plane to accept this deal. Pass.

#3) Orlando Magic VIP Tour of the Amway Center Package for Four

Chase Experiences Orlando Magic

I’d say this is a solid deal. It’s pretty straightforward and includes the following:

(4) lower level game tickets
VIP Tour of the Amway Center
Parking passes

This package is available for several games that fall on Friday or Saturday nights. The retail cost for lower level seats is currently right around $100 each for those dates. Two parking passes would be another $25 each. Basically you’d be getting the VIP tour of the arena for free. To me that’s a cool perk that is probably worth around $250. If I were an Orlando Magic fan, I’d definitely be in.

Bottom Line

Chase has some winners and losers here. If you’re a fan of certain teams, artists, and chefs, then the program is definitely worth a look. Some of these deals can be an amazing value, while others are downright offensive. One thing they all had in common was that using your Chase points was never a better option than cash. A travel redemption like a honeymoon to Bali will always give you a better value per point. You should never be burning these for $.01/point.

Interestingly enough, they have a Arizona Diamondbacks experience labeled as “coming soon”. I’m a Phoenix resident, so if the opportunity looks worthwhile, I’ll definitely review Chase Experiences. What about you, have your purchased any of these offers?


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