My IHG Points Haven’t Posted

A few weeks ago I wrote about my decision to join the IHG Rewards Club. My job requires frequent travel to small towns. As a result I went with IHG due to the volume of Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express options that are available to me. My bigger plan is to accumulate IHG points at random Holiday Inn’s, to then redeem at IHG’s luxury brands. Anyway, I went to analyze how many points I earned for my first stay a couple weeks back. For some reason my IHG points haven’t posted.

My IHG Account Page

How Long Do IHG Points Take To Post?

According to IHG’s website:

Please allow seven business days after you check out for points from a recent stay to post to your account. If it has been more than seven days and your points are still missing, you can contact a Customer Care Center or fill out a Missing Points form.

I’m now at 9 business days since checkout, so I decided to go ahead and fill out a missing points form. The auto-response I got said they would get back with me within 4 days. Fair enough, it’s not that big of a deal.

Chase Reservations With IHG

I should note that this reservation was made using points from my Chase Ink business card. When reserving the room online, Chase presented a space to fill in my IHG Rewards Club number, which I did. Upon arrival at the hotel, the front desk operator asked me if I would like to sign up for IHG rewards and add my number to the reservation. I explained that I already was a member and gave him my number. He then typed it into the reservation and said we were good to go.

After entering my IHG Rewards number, the the front desk operator mentioned that next time I should book directly with the hotel for the best deals. I didn’t want to get into the intricacy of points redemptions, so I just let it go. I wonder how my number never transferred from Chase to begin with? On top of that, how did it not register once I confirmed it with the front desk?

Bottom Line

I’m assuming IHG will get back to me and post the points. That’s not really a concern. I am left wondering if this will always be an issue with Chase points redemptions though? I work with a business partner and all our travel is booked through the Chase portal. If we have to go through this each time we stay at an IHG property, I might re-think this whole thing and take a look at Hilton or Marriott. I’ll be sure to report back once I have another stay.

What about you? Have you had any issues with your IHG Rewards number not transferring from Chase?

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