Share Mlife Status AND Hyatt Platinum with your Spouse (or Roommate!)

One of my recent posts discussed the Mlife and Hyatt partnership, in particular rates for Mlife members often being substantially cheaper. Today find out how to share your Mlife and Hyatt status with your spouse or roommate. This is a perk that I haven’t seen other travel bloggers post about (although I’m sure someone out there has!) so hopefully it is helpful.

Please note with the new World of Hyatt the Mlife tiers you will match to are changing March 1!

Finally…give your spouse the perks!

The crappiest thing about working hard for status is that your partner, who often has to deal with your travels while you’re getting said status, gets none of the perks. A few exceptions do apply such as Hyatt’s Guest of Honor program but opportunities are usually limited to share the perks of your status.

Mlife is very generous in that regard. They refer to is as “linking accounts”, and not matching status, but you can do it easily through Mlife. From the Mlife FAQ directly:

How do linked accounts work?

Two members with the same address may link individual M life Rewards accounts to share their tier, Tier Credit and Express Comps balances. Both members must visit an M life desk in the resort and show a valid identification to link accounts. M life maintains separate account numbers and account histories for every member. Restrictions apply at MGM Grand Detroit.

Personally this was easy for us but for some who may not go to Vegas with your partner, it can be difficult. It may be worth contacting Mlife to see if there’s any exceptions that can be made. Once you’re at a Mlife desk it is about a 2 minute process though.  Note that you do not need to be married per the FAQ above, so you can link Mlife status with a roommate! My now husband and I were only dating at the time when we linked accounts.

Share Hyatt status with your spouse!

Unfortunately this does not apply to getting Hyatt Diamond but does apply for Platinum as the partnership doesn’t allow matching to each program’s top tier stats.

Process is as follows:

  1. I am Hyatt Platinum through Hyatt credit card
  2. I received Mlife Gold through the partnership
  3. Linked accounts with husband means he has Mlife Gold
  4. Husband sent request to Mlife to be matched to Hyatt Platinum (note this did take a couple emails)
  5. = husband is Hyatt Platinum!

Mlife Hyatt Partnership status match

Practical Implications

My husband goes to Vegas a tad more than me and has always gotten better room rate offers from Mlife. As soon as I got Mlife Gold, and therefore he did as well, his room rate offers got significantly better. He routinely used to get offers for about 33-50% off standard room rates and now it’s closer to 75%. Our last trip to Vegas we stayed at the MGM grand for $65 + resort fees, and a $50 F&B credit for a 2 night weekend stay!

This is awesome because we earn the same number of bonus Hyatt points due to him getting my status but take advantage of the room rate offers he gets. Keep in mind we’re not big gamblers either to get these sort of discounts.  We go to Vegas maybe twice a year for two nights a piece and certainly aren’t high rollers. Of course there are lots of options to redeem points beyond Mlife resorts should you desire (options listed here!).

mlife hyatt status
Relationship Goals: Matching Status


Bottom line

Hyatt Platinum isn’t the most exciting status out there but this is an awesome trick that is very unknown. Status matches are changing with the new World of Hyatt (briefly discussed here) so take advantage before March 1st!

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2 thoughts on “Share Mlife Status AND Hyatt Platinum with your Spouse (or Roommate!)

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just did this with my Husbsnd’s Hyatt Diamond = MLife Plat= Me MLife Plat = Me Hyatt ? We shall see what Hyatt status comes about.

    1. Allison, so happy you found this helpful! You will match to Hyatt Platinum – until the tiers change with the new World of Hyatt in 10 days, that is. That’s because you can’t get top tier match to Hyatt from Mlife (and vice versa). Keep in mind you may need to bug Mlife a few times to send the match to Hyatt.

      Thanks for reading!

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