Deeply Discounted First Class Deals

We all know the feeling. The gate agent finally calls your boarding group and you have that envious walk past the passengers in First Class. It’s bad enough on a two hour domestic flight, but amplified even more when you see the front of the cabin settling into their lie flat seats for a long overnight flight. If you’ve always wanted to fly in a comfortable cabin, but don’t have 100,000+ miles or $5,000 to burn, then I’ve got some good news for you. The flyertalk community has built a great tool to find first class deals.

Lufthansa First Class
Lufthansa First Class

Finding First Class Deals

A few years ago flyertalk posters decided that there should be a dedicated area to list deeply discounted fares in business and first class. If you’re a normal traveler, you might not even know the difference between the two. On most long haul international routes, business and first class will usually both feature a fully lie flat seat. The major difference between the two is usually the level of service offered in first class. First class means fancier food and drink, more attentive staff, and better bathroom ratios. To make things more confusing, many long haul flights only have business class, thus giving it the appearance of first class. Don’t worry, they’re both great.

Examples of round trip fares in lie flat seats that I’ve seen posted include United States to Asia or Europe for under $1,300. Often times airlines will accidentally release what are called mistake fares. Many people flew to China in lie flat business class for $450 a couple years back due to a fare mistake by American Airlines. The forum always covers these types of events.

Utilizing the Premium Fares Forum

Click here to view the latest deals posted in the premium fares forum. To the average traveler some of the airport codes and terminology might be a little confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Keep in mind that many of these fares originate outside of the United States. I usually  skim past those since originating an itinerary outside the US just isn’t feasible at this point in my life.

First Class Deals on Twitter

One really cool feature I found for Twitter users is the account premiumfares. This is essentially an automatic tweet of every premium fare deal that gets posted on flytertalk. If you’re an active Twitter user, this is much better than having to remember to check the forum. Often times these great deals are only around for a few hours. It’s very important to get the information as soon as possible.

The Fine Print

Be aware that these types of deals come and go very quickly. Rarely will you see a first class deal stick around for more than a couple days. Bloggers and message boards usually spread the word like wildfire and the deal has to be pulled by the airlines. The forum is a great option if you want to visit a certain continent, but aren’t set on where. For example, if you can just get to Europe or Asia on a first class deal, it’s very easy to move around on low cost carriers or trains to your final destination.

Have any specific questions? Shoot me a line in the comment section and I’d be happy to help out.


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