No Excuses: Your Asia Vacation Under $1000

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Asia twice in my life and had a blast both times. I’m not a “global nomad” by any stretch of the imagination. I vacation a couple times a year mixed in with some long weekends away from home. To the normal person however, I’m often viewed as some sort of world explorer visiting uncharted lands. The most common thing I hear from ordinary people is “Wow, I wish I could do something like that.” This post will lay out in simple terms how anyone can plan an Asia vacation under $1000.

Asia Vacation Under $1000

I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t know that round trip flights from Los Angeles to Bangkok, Thailand can regularly be had for $500 or less. New York is easily available for under $600. For the most part we’ve got the upstart Chinese aviation industry to thank for all the cheap flights to Asia. If you don’t live in a large American city, consider booking separate reservations to get to LAX, ORD, JFK, or NYC area airports. International flights are usually going to be the cheapest if they originate from a large city. I always recommend using Google Flights to check for availability.

The Hustle and Bustle of Bangkok Streets
Bangkok = 24/7 energy. Experience new cultures and luxury on an Asia vacation under $1000

Bangkok Hotels Make Luxury Affordable

Ok so you’ve made it to Bangkok, but only have $400 left to spend. Have no fear, Bangkok is home to hundreds of 4* hotels that can booked starting at $30/night. Just jump over to to see for yourself. Many feature luxury rooms, rooftop pools, and sophisticated lounges. Try finding one in the popular Sukhumvit area. That will give you easy access to the BTS Train to see everything the city has to offer. Total Cost: $250

What About Eating In Bangkok?

Ok, so it’s your first trip overseas and you’re on a strict budget. Street food can be a very scary proposition, but you also can’t afford American prices at the hotel restaurant. Don’t worry, you’re in luck. Just find the food courts. Bangkok has done something really cool where they’ve brought in traditional street vendors into air conditioned, clean, sanitary spaces. These food courts are often located with shopping malls and can provide a full meal for under $2. Total Cost: $42

Make Travel a Priority

So I’ve just laid out a real life example of how you can easily travel to Bangkok, stay in a nice hotel, and eat 3 meals a day for roughly $800. That leaves you an extra $200 to pay for trains, souvenirs, or whatever else you may want. Don’t want to stay in the city for a week? Consider taking a taxi or bus to see the beautiful beaches of Ko Samet. A hut on the beach will only cost you $20/night. Want to see Angkor Wat? Take an AirAsia flight over to Siem Reap to see the temples for a few days. Round trip is only another $98.

Angkor Wat Temples
AirAsia can fly you from Bangkok to Siem Reap for $98 round trip


The point is a trip like this isn’t nearly as far-fetched as most people think. The average American can make this happen. Just skip the latest big screen TV or limit eating out for the first half of the year. Most importantly though, just make it a priority. Summon the courage and book your flight. I promise the memories you’ll make will last a lot longer than the newest iPad.

Have any specific questions? Shoot me a line in the comment section and I’d be happy to help out.

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