The Worst Airline Passengers

Expedia just released a study rating the public’s opinion on the “Most Annoying Airline Passengers.” Obviously this is a hot topic of conversation while we discuss our flights with friends and family. I’d have to say that the results were somewhat surprising to me. The worst airline passengers were ranked as follows:

1. The Rear Seat Kicker (cited by 64% of respondents)
2. Inattentive Parents (59%)
3. The Aromatic Passenger (55%)
4. The Audio Insensitive (49%)
5. The Boozer (49%)
6. Chatty Cathy (40%)
7. The Queue Jumper (35%)
8. Seat-Back Guy (35%)
9. The Armrest Hog (34%)
10. Pungent Foodies (30%)
11. The Undresser (28%)
12. The Amorous (28%)
13. The Mad Bladder (22%)
14. The Single and Ready to Mingle (18%)

Seat Kicking Epidemic?

I fly roughly 25,000 miles a year with with most segments being regional in nature. As a result, I’m in economy for the most part. From time to time I’ll feel a kick against my seat, but I’ve never found it to be that bothersome. The most I can remember is maybe 3-4 kicks on a flight. Is this really such a big deal that 64% of people find them to be the worst airline passengers?

Worst Airline Passengers

My Top 15 Worst Airline Passengers

Ok I’m going to take a stab at this. I’ve also added one behavior that I felt needs to be addressed.

1. Rude to FA Guy: Seems like the delay is due to weather, not the flight attendant. Relax.
2. The Queue Jumper: Please don’t bulldoze down the aisle the second the plane stops.
3. Pungent Foodies: Maybe Chinese Food and a 20 piece don’t belong on the plane?
4. The Undresser: For the love of God, it’s a 90 minute flight. Can you please keep your shoes on?
5. The Aromatic Passenger: In conclusion, drakkar noir was a poor choice.
6. Chatty Cathy: A few pleasantries were nice, yet, we’re not hanging out after this flight.
7. Seat-Back Guy: You really needed to lean back on this LAX-SFO flight, huh?
8. Inattentive Parents: I know kids are tough, but just try please…
9. The Armrest Hog: Because the middle seat always gets them, end of story.
10. The Amorous: Because PDA is never a good thing. Especially relevant on a plane.
11. The Boozer: I like to party too, just not with you. Bring it down a notch.
12. The Single and Ready to Mingle: Since I’m 34 with a wedding ring, maybe Liz can chime in…
13. The Rear Seat Kicker: See above. If it gets out of hand, maybe tell them to calm down.
14. The Audio Insensitive: Down the list since I can always just put my own headphones on.
15. The Mad Bladder: Can’t be mad because it could be a medical condition.

What does everyone else think? Am I way off base in how I rank the worst airline passengers? Furthermore, How would your list look?



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