It’s my anniversary! With Marriott that is…

A morning commute surprise

This morning on Twitter I received the following tweet about my Marriott anniversary and getting 300 bonus points.  Naturally my Marriott anniversary isn’t something I keep track of so this was a pleasant surprise despite 300 points being worth approximately $2.40 if you value Marriott points at .8 cents which most bloggers do.

This certainly isn’t life changing but as they say, it’s the thought that counts! And it did give me a short moment of joy when I checked what my twitter notification was on my commute to work today.

Thanks but how and why?

I also dug a little into it to find out the whys and hows. Between Marriott’s twitter and a Marriott Rewards Insiders thread (which is a GREAT site for all Marriott related items) I found the following:

  • It appears you need to be linked to Marriott’s “Chirpify” account, which I believe just means linking your account to their twitter which I did at some point when they were offering 500 points to do so
  • Elites get the following bonus points:
    • Basic: 50 points
    • Silver: 150 points
    • Gold: 300 points
    • Platinum: 500 points
  • And of course it needs to be your anniversary with Marriott.

It also includes people miffed they didn’t receive anything which, really the $2.40 in value? Overall, nice little surprise from Marriott though, now I can spend $.99 on a soda at the gas station and still be ahead on the day.

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