TurboTax Discount, Amex Offer, and more savings

It’s that time of year again…tax season. Tax season certainly isn’t fun but a necessary evil for all of our US readers. There are plenty of ways to do your taxes but one of the most popular is TurboTax. So let’s cover all the various TurboTax discount options, a TurboTax Amex Offer, and ways to use shopping portals as well. #1 TurboTax Amex Offer The first, and easiest, discount for many of us will be... Read more

Staying Strong, Not Chasing Status

A few weeks ago I wrote about my plan to remain a free agent this year. For 2018 I’m estimating that I’ll travel about 25,000 miles for work and another 15,000 or so for pleasure. I’m based in Phoenix, and most of my business travel is in Hawaii. Since American has hub in Phoenix, they would be my best bet if I chose to reach for status. Last week I completed my first trip of... Read more

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Gift

A Ritz-Carlton Surprise: Defining Customer Service

Often there are debates on whether luxury brands are “worth it” or if they are over-hyped by points and miles bloggers. That debate I’m not trying to put to rest today, but there are countless special ways the right property can set themselves apart. Right now I’m on my “babymoon” at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and have been continually impressed by the customer service here. Especially by a special gift from the club lounge... Read more


Roundup: Using Citi points, targeted American status, and more!

Welcome to our weekly roundup! All the points and miles news from around the web in one place. I’m reporting in from the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay while on my last pre-baby vacation, or “babymoon” so just a quick roundup this Sunday. Every blogger and points fan has their own idea of best transfer partners. MileCards has a very robust info guide on using Citi ThankYou Points. Don’t forget about our Citi Transfer Guide... Read more

Working In Hawaii: No, It’s Not That Great

A new project my business took on last year has me traveling to Hawaii every few months. Every time I tell people where I’m traveling, it always elicits a “Oh, you poor guy” sarcastic response. I’ve literally gotten it at least 20 times. No doubt the Hawaii islands are a beautiful place, but is working in Hawaii all it’s cracked up to be? Negatives: Time Zones, Mediocre Hotels, and Red Eyes I’m based in Phoenix,... Read more

BofA BankAmeriDeals

Bank of America BankAmeriDeals: Where is the love?

Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals are a nice way to get cash back if you have any credit or debit cards from BofA. For some reason, despite Amex Offers being extensively covered on points and credit card blogs, BankAmeriDeals are rarely covered. So where is the love? BofA BankAmeriDeals Let’s start with the basics of BankAmeriDeals, which luckily are super simple. As you can see from the graphic above the steps are simple, you just need to find... Read more

Silvercar For Families: The Audi Q5 Is Here

Last month I wrote about my first experience renting from Silvercar in Denver. It goes without saying that the Silvercar experience is much better than your typical rental car counter. With Silvercar you won’t encounter upselling from employees, random fuel surcharges, and everything else that makes traditional car rental a struggle. Since it’s inception, Silvercar only rented one vehicle type, the Audi A4. In light of Silvercar’s acquisition by Audi last year, it was only... Read more

Shipt Home Page 2 week trial

Amex Offer: Spend $100 at Shipt (Groceries) get $50 back

Reposting since, according to FrequentMiler, this offer is back! This is an awesome deal and I saved a ton using it last time around.  A new Amex Offer is out for Shipt, a grocery delivery service. With this Shipt Amex Offer you spend $100 and get $50 back, which is very lucrative! This Amex offer was found on 3 out of 5 of my Amex cards. So pretty widely targeted as well! If you would... Read more

World of Hyatt

Roundup: Delta+Hyatt sales, Lowe’s 11% rebate, and more!

Welcome to our weekly roundup! All the points and miles news from around the web in one place. Hyatt is currently offering discounted Cash + Points rates at many properties. This isn’t an advertised sale so take advantage quickly if interested! Travel Codex is out with a thorough review comparing each US airlines elite programs in an easy to understand format. Hyatt has a new promotion out to earn extra points through their partnership with Exhale.... Read more

Top Posts of 2017: All About Hyatt/M Life

Yesterday Liz wrote a nice piece about our first year of travel blogging. We started posting towards the end of January 2017. For all of 2017 we registered 63,275 page views. I’d thought I’d dive into our top 10 posts of 2017 to see what our readers found the most interesting. Hyatt/M Life Status Matches As you can see below,  the top 3 pages visited other than the home page had to do with a... Read more